Choctaw Cultural Revival – A Battle For Identity

The Choctaw have a special place in the hearts of Irish people. During the Great Famine of the 1800’s, when hunger was at its worst in the Emerald Isle, word of the people’s suffering reached the ears of the Choctaw people. Although these indigenous people were themselves suffering due to the vile policy of ethnic […]

US Colonialism Today Comes Under The Spotlight

The following short video is an interesting look at how US imperialism across the globe is, in many cases, colonialism. It seems as if the policy of Manifest Destiny, perpetuated in the 1800’s, is still being implemented. The only difference is that the media are now more compliant in not broadcasting what is really happening. […]

Apache Country

This is a quick look at the glorious land that was once inhabited by the Apache people of current south-western USA. The scope of their landscape is staggering and contradicts the normal narrative that Hollywood liked to weave, where we see the Apaches as belonging to dry desert lands and inhospitable terrain. The truth is […]

The Nez Perce – A Hunted First Nations People Of Dignity

The story of Chief Joseph and his refusal to bow to the treacherous US Federal government is the stuff of legend. The pursuit of his people by US Cavalry detachments makes for a great story with an all too familiar and heart-rending ending. The treatment of the indigenous people by the colonials from Europe is […]

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning [Rock]

This rockin’ song is about the terror that the Australian Aboriginals suffered at the hands of colonialism up to and including the present time. It’s great to hear musicians take on injustice through their music. Sadly, there’s not enough of it happening today. If you enjoyed this, please share

The Blackfoot – First Nations People

The First Nations peoples of the Americas have all been very badly treated by European colonizers of the past. They were abused, dispossessed and often slaughtered in genocidal policies not fully acknowledged by those responsible. Among the best known of all North American indigenous populations were the Blackfoot, who straddled the modern US/Canadian border. Today, […]

Shots Fired

Shots Fired  by C.J. Box This short story collection is centred upon the US West and Mid-western regions, primarily in the states of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota, and the people to be found there. C.J. Box is the author of the popular Joe Pickett series, also set in the same area. Pickett appears in […]

Colombian Right-wing Wages War On Tribal People

I am cynical about the intentions of the Colombian government with respect to FARC, and establishing peace and equality. Capitalists are a snakes, who know only how to strike and poison. When they have finally disarmed the Left, then they may very well proceed to imprison or kill their leaders. The right-wing paramilitaries are under […]

The Amona Distraction

It was with resignation that I read the recent Irish News article entitled, ‘Israeli forces evict Jewish settlers from Palestinian land’ (Feb 2nd). The story concerned the eviction of 250 illegal settlers from the Amona settlement in the Occupied West Bank.  The narrative attempted to portray the Israeli PM, Netanyahu, as something of a peacemaker […]