Power-point Presentation Showing Flow Of US Arms Globally From 1950 To 2017

The following schematic is intriguing in the way that it demonstrates the changes of destination for US weaponry sold over the last 67 years. If you watch the year counter on the left, you will be able to see how the flow of armaments to certain countries has varied quite a lot over the years.

For example, US arms sales to Europe has decreased dramatically since the end of the Cold War. Sales to Canada has fluctuated over the period, likely dependent upon the Prime Minister at any given time. Quantities to the Middle East are now at their highest ever, as is the flow of instruments of death to Australia and nations such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Israel has received a constant supply of US weaponry, much of it used to slaughter Palestinian civilians. The flow of weapons to Africa has increased considerably. And Egypt has received a massive increase in US arms leading to the military there becoming little more than US puppets. This explains the coup that toppled the democratically elected Morsi with the resultant installation of the Zionist marionette, Sisi.

This presentation is obligatory viewing for all students and observers of geo-political maneuvering, especially where such schemes concern the Axis of Evil with the US Federal Government (and its corporate controllers) taking the lead over the minor partner, Israel.

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