The Foggy Dew – DaoirĂ­ Farrell (Irish Rebel Song)

“As back through the glen I rode again And my heart with me fell sore For I parted then with valiant men Whom I never shall see ‘more But to and fro in my dreams I go And I kneel and pray for you For slavery fled a glorious dead When you fell in the […]

Brendan Behan – Red Envoy – Poem By 16-Year-Old Irish Rebel

He was 16 when he set off on his own to blow up parts of England. His time in a borstal gave him the materiel for a book. He wrote poetry in both Gaelic and English. He had famous friends across the globe. He stayed in the Chelsea Hotel. He drank himself to death. He was Brendan Behan. This is his poem.

Weeping Winds by Bobby Sands

Bobby Sands was an Irish revolutionary, Gaeilgeoir, song writer and poet who died on 5th May, 1981 after 66 days on hunger strike. He was 27 years old. It was estimated that more than 100,000 people turned out to pay their respects to their fallen hero. Sands’ poetry was written in gaol in the most […]

IRA Attack On Downing Street, Invoice Remains Unpaid

This news report is from 1991 and the IRA mortar bomb attack on Downing Street. As the British war cabinet was meeting to discuss the first war for oil in Iraq, they got a shock when mortars landed in the back garden and redesigned the entire space. This attack demonstrated the capabilities of the much […]

Terence MacSwiney – Poems Of An Irish Rebel

Ireland has both the good fortune and misfortune to have a large number of martyrs. Many honourable men and women have felt it necessary to step forward to fight the blight of British colonialism. Of those Rebels who were imprisoned, some chose to battle the foreign regime using the only weapon they had left to […]

Connolly – A Rebel Poem

This is a poignant piece of verse about the great revolutionary, James Connolly, who was executed by British forces whilst seriously injured during the Easter Rising, 1916. Connolly was tied to a chair so that he could be shot by a firing squad. Connolly The man was all shot through that came today Into the […]

Irish Rebel Songs Under Unionist Threat?

The song below is posted in response to an article in the Irish News today by the Unionist columnist, Newton Emerson from Portadown. In his piece, Emerson suggests that Unionism is going to try to attack the singing of Republican songs, such as the one included here, as a means of opening up yet another […]