Irish Rebel Songs Under Unionist Threat?

The song below is posted in response to an article in the Irish News today by the Unionist columnist, Newton Emerson from Portadown. In his piece, Emerson suggests that Unionism is going to try to attack the singing of Republican songs, such as the one included here, as a means of opening up yet another front in their pathetic attempts to defeat Irish Republicanism.

Clearly, Emerson, like many within Unionism, is not familiar with the importance of songs of protest within the Republican community. Should Republicans march around and around outside Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, whilst singing songs that call for the killing of protestants and Unionists, then Emerson and others can voice their disapproval and expect to be taken seriously.

Until then, we’ll stand in Four Green Fields that are covered in The Foggy Dew and remember The Loughgall Martyrs who traversed the Mountains of Pomeroy, and we’ll laugh at Sergeant William Bailey who never got to meet The Boy From Tamlaghtduff nor Joe McDonnell. Then we’ll sing…

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