Frankie Boyle On Top Form

Here is more from the shock-comedian, Frankie Boyle. Be advised, Boyle is right out there and his humour is not for the faint-hearted. But his observations are razor-sharp and entirely wacky. – If you care, please give it a share –

Lonesome Dove – Jake Hangs For Riding With Outlaws

The Lonesome Dove western is one of the greats of the genre. There are many memorable scenes. The following is one such. In this we see Jake being caught by his former comrades and being hung for having thrown in his lot with a ruthless gang of murderers and cut-throats. It’s a poignant scene for […]

Israeli Policies Of Ethnic Cleansing Explained

In the following article, the charity Jewish Voice For Peace, highlights the 6 main methods used by the rogue state of Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homes and land under the clear gaze of the governments of the West. It makes for startling reading. – If you care about these issues, please share […]

Top 10 Best Twilight Zone Episodes

The Twilight Zone was a popular US TV series for a good many years. It created stories that thrilled and unsettled the viewers. The plots were unique and creative and regularly caught fans unaware. This particular list may not meet the approval of everyone, but it does provide a nice reminder of just how enjoyable […]

When Philly Cops Killed 5 Black Children – Remembered

Sometimes, it is disheartening to see how state forces use their powers to oppress and even murder their citizens. The Black community of the US has went through, and continues to go through, a torrid time at the bloodied hands of official power. Certain members of that community who escapes the bonds of debt and […]

Hugo Chavez Legacy Examined

In this article, the legacy of Hugo Chavez is examined. The sadly deceased leader of the Venezuelan people was a giant within Latin American politics who left behind not only programs for advancement, but also a psychology that demanded better for all of the population. His passing is still being felt across the Americas today. […]