Yemen Crisis Deepens With Cholera Outbreak

The current Saudi-led pogroms against the Houthi peopleĀ are being facilitated by western governments, most notably the UK and the US. Civilians, including children, are being murdered in deliberate airstrikes targeting innocent populations. The White House and Downing Street know of the carnage that their weapons have unleashed in the bloodied hands of the Saudi regime, […]

China To Forge Bonds With Eurasia, Build New Silk Route

This initiative from China could be an important step in forging stronger links between the Far East, Europe and greater Asia, both in terms of trade and culture. Any such progress should be welcomed, as when barriers are broken down, then citizens are less likely to want to slaughter one another. The experience of the […]

FARC Ceasefire Means Right-wing Exploitation Expands

In this video, we can see what happens when you try to reason with those who are unreasonable. When left-wing groups, be they in Colombia or Ireland or anywhere else for that matter, have attempted to move society forward by calling ceasefires and laying down their arms, they are eventually weakened and marginalized by the […]

Orange Willie Frazer And His Broken ‘Gay Relationship’

Willie Frazer is a gype. He is a clown, a tit, a gobshite and a poultice. He would be funny all the time if not for the nasty shite that he often utters. Questions have been raised as to Frazer’s mental health. It has been said that he is a sick c**t. It’s hard to […]

Eurovision Entry For The Socialist Nation

Hats off to the person in the following cartoon who had to sing their way through this list of the nations of the world (with the exception of Israel which is a colonial state and NOT a nation). It does give us a blatant truth in that Capitalism has, and will, always fail. It operates […]