Justice – One Shot Paddy

Another favourite among Republicans everywhere. There used to be some great t-shirts to be viewed at the time that One Shot Paddy was plying his wares.

Down Among The Dead Men

Book Review Down Among The Dead Men   by Kerry Wilkinson I won’t spend too much time on this review as it’s really not worth it. The story is set in Manchester, England and that is what enticed me to the book. I get tired reading tales all located in the same few cities. I […]

Israeli Input Into ISIS

Given the ongoing spate of attacks across Europe by those claiming to be from ISIS, it is perhaps necessary give some logical consideration to such vile occurrences. The article which follows is an avenue of thought that Rebel Voice has allowed, one which might shed light upon the terrible actions of Islamic State. Firstly, to […]

Mick Lavelle – Comedic Green Fields Of France

This is an alternative version of the famous song, ‘The Green Fields of France’ in which the singer laments the invention of the song to begin with. It goes down well in Irish pubs across the planet, although the song is in danger of becoming a parody of itself.

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Arnon Milchan – Hollywood Producer

  Arnon Milchan Many commentators have mentioned the high instance of pro-Israeli propaganda that emanates from Hollywood. Detractors of the struggle for Palestine label such remarks as ‘conspiracy theories’ in an effort to denounce any truthful revelations that might harm Israel. Yet, when facts are presented, it becomes impossible for Zionists to credibly deny the […]

The Good Son

Book Review The Good Son   by Paul McVeigh It seems like a lifetime since Rebel Voice reviewed a book by an Irish author. The Good Son was worth the wait. Micky Donnelly lives in Ardoyne, in north Belfast, during the period when the Provisional IRA were at war with the forces of British colonialism. […]


Book Review Gilliamesque   by Terry Gilliam This is an intriguing auto-biography by the only non-English member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Terry Gilliam started out as a cartoonist in the US. He was involved in political activism in the States at a time when the Vietnam war was developing. It was there that he […]

Dana Lyons – Cows With Guns [Pop Satire]

Rebel Voice has great respect for rebel music, and has a section dedicated especially to such revolutionary songs of protest. This offering, Cows with Guns, must be regarded as one of the most unusual songs ever to have emerged from the pantheon of seditious melody (tongue firmly in cheek). The Chickens in Choppers is worth […]

Bobby Sands – Back Home In Derry

This beautiful song was written by the Irish revolutionary and martyr, Bobby Sands. The lyrics are among the best to be found in any Rebel Song. Rebel Voice highly recommends this song.