New Russian Low-level Military Aircraft To Be Produced

Governments around the world always appear to have sufficient funds to develop or purchase weapons systems. Yet ask them why they don’t provide free healthcare or education for their populace and they plead poverty.

As our planet gears up for yet another global war, instigated this time by the Axis Of Evil that is the US Federal government and the rogue state of Israel, Russia is moving to dramatically update and expand its existing stock.

In the following piece, we get a look at their new aircraft to be introduced into the Baltic region to counter any NATO aggression there. This role of this craft will be similar to that of the US A-10 Thunderbolt. It is interesting to see the chess game that is being played out not only in geo-politics, but in the arena of weapons development.  Such killing systems will become household names if and when the most powerful nations of the world go to war to help further line the deep pockets of the Surplass, who are intent on bleeding us more, but only so far as will keep us alive so that they can continue to feed.

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