Irish Say Thank you To Choctaw

This is a nice way to say thank you to the Choctaw people for their generous gesture to the suffering Irish people during the Great Famine (which was facilitated by British colonial rule).

Israelis And Their Origins

This is an interesting vid in which a random sampling of Israeli citizens were questioned about their family ancestry. The result from this is clear, Israel is a state populated by those whose known ancestors were not from the land of Palestine i.e. From the River to the Sea.

Trump To Grab Hard Line On Cuba

The continuing economic blockade imposed upon Cuba by the US, is a clear attempt at intimidating and bullying the small Caribbean nation into compliance with the right-wing policies of the US Surplass. Cuba has fought to remain free, not only territorially, but also economically. As an independent nation it has that right. The US is […]

The Rhythm Of Time – Bobby Sands

  This poem was written by the Irish Republican martyr, Bobby Sands, who died on hunger strike in the H-Blocks prison in 1981. The poem was, like all of Sands’ communications with the outside, written in tiny lettering on pieces of toilet paper or torn pages of a bible, and then smuggled past the vulturesque […]

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

This video is compulsory viewing for anyone who is interested in the way in which US imperialism is spread and enforced across the world. John Perkins is a former Chief Economist at an international consulting firm and, as such, has much credibility when speaking about global economics. Although many will be aware of the corruption […]

China And US To Fight Over Canal

The topic covered in the news article following, namely the Panama Canal, highlights an issue that is demonstrative of a greater global trend. As China continues to grow in strength, both economically and militarily, it becomes an evermore real threat to US global hegemony. The US currently controls the Panama Canal, yet China is a […]