Back Of Beyond

Back of Beyond   by C.J. Box Rebel Voice has reviewed a number of C.J. Box’s novels in the Joe Pickett series and found them all of a high standard. Back of Beyond is not of the same story-line nor level of writing. Detective Cody Hoyt is an alcoholic (is there any other type of cop?) […]

Famous Author Condemns Corporate Greed And Political Immorality

The passage that follows is taken from the James Lee Burke novel, Heaven’s Prisoners. ”In the glow of the movie screen I looked at Alafair’s upraised and innocent face and wondered about the victims of greed and violence and political insanity all over the world. I have never believed that their suffering is accidental or a […]

Mariachi Cover of The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The video for this is worth watching just to see the effort the Mariachi band have went to to impress. It’s hard not to like them as they all smile a lot and look like they’re enjoying themselves. – If you care, give it a share –

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Celebrities In Israel

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
This edition of the popular Rebel Voice series casts a cold eye upon those notable Western performers and actors who have supported Israel by their visits to that particular part of Palestine. Some have also performed there, whilst a few have been spotted hob-nobbing with known war criminals from the…

Cheers – Normisms Galore

This is a selection of best bits from the popular US comedy series, Cheers. Norm is one of the favourite characters and here are some of his best bits. – If you care, give it a share –

Thomas Davis Poem on Wolfe Tone’s Grave

Tone’s Grave In Bodenstown Churchyard there is a green grave, And wildly along it the winter winds rave; Small shelter, I ween, are the ruined walls there, When the storm sweeps down on the plains of Kildare. Once I lay on that sod-it lies over Wolfe Tone- And thought how he perished in prison alone, […]

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

This song is a comment on the genocide perpetrated upon the First Nations peoples of north America by the US federal government and the land stealing settlers who followed. The First Nations people still await justice and respect. – If you care, give it a share –