US Federal Machine Determined To Start War In Oil-rich Venezuela

The imperialist intent of the US Federal system is no secret to those who have been following geo-politics. The emergence of Trump has not created this corporate-run policy, it has merely intensified it. Trump has no shame. He cares little for what others think of him. In this, he is a product of a corrupted and entitled upbringing within the US Establishment/Surplass.

The US has set its sights, once again, on Venezuela and its massive oil reserves. They tried before when Hugh Chavez was in power, and almost succeeded. It was the intervention of military units loyal to their leader that allowed Chavez to be freed from captivity. But the US machine of greed has not given up. The last few years have seen an upsurge in Capitalist sponsored violence within that Latin American nation. So far the government of Maduro has managed to contain the CIA-lead dissent. This success has meant that the US regime must now look for alternative means of over-throwing the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

The following short piece looks at the conduct of the USA with respect to Venezuela. It is a warning that there is a major conflict in the horizon in that bountiful south American nation. Whether that war is to be fought directly by the US, perhaps using some tenuous reasoning as an excuse as is usual, or whether it is to be fought via proxy, it will be fought.

Unless, that is, global events and other nations intervene to prevent the continuing encroachment of the federal system of the United States upon the rights and liberties of the entire planet. Rebel Voice hopes that the good people of the US, who constitute the vast majority of the population there, will awaken to the growing danger that their governmental system is putting us all in. When the citizenry of the US takes action and reclaims their country, then we will have a chance at a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

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  1. Your closing comment is so accurate Rebel Voice. It is the people of the West who do not stand with the policies of expansionism that have to wake up and raise their voice, especially the ones in America… America’s exceptionalism has become a ‘global issue’ – there is hardly a region in the world where people have not suffered at the hands of the Empire… the people of this Super Power indeed need to wake up… and realize their silence is playing a role in letting this continue… the American Dream is fed upon the resources snatched and stolen from others.

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