Why Was Monty Python Anti-Zionist Scene Cut From The Life Of Brian?

Here is a reminder of the Life of Brian scene that was cut, thus avoiding embarrassment for the Israeli regime. The message from the edited piece is that Zionism is akin to Nazism. It’s a message that’s all too obvious as the rogue Israeli state continues to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their land, killing many in the process. Sadly, this fine scene was removed from the final edit. Zionist censors at work?

Rebel Voice

For all fans of Monty Python, and Rebel Voice is but one, this is a special treat. Anyone who has watched The Life Of Brian will remember the crack suicide squad who appeared at the end of the movie when Brian was on the cross. They promptly killed themselves for no apparent reason other than they were a suicide squad and wanted to prove it.

At the time, many thought that their appearance was just one more strange quirk to be expected of the Python team. They were wrong. The following clip provides context for the suicide squad and their actions.

This clip was edited from the final cut. The reasons have become fairly clear.

The Monty Python team made a strong statement about religion and fanaticism in The Life Of Brian. It is regarded as not only one of the funniest movies of all time, but also one…

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