Know Your Zionist Enemy – Chrissie Hynde

A reminder of just where Chrissie Hynde stands on issues of importance.

Rebel Voice

The cover photo shows Chrissie Hynde on-stage in Israel, 23rd Sept, 2017, as she plays to a sell out crowd in Tel Aviv. Many would use the same description for Hynde who sold out long ago, and turned her back on the suffering of the people of Palestine.

Although she received letters from Palestinian solidarity organizations asking her to cancel her gig for the rogue Zionist state, Hynde was content to ignore all evidence of Israeli brutality against Palestinians. Rebel Voice wonders if she has any intelligence, as she is known to be a strong defender of the rights of animals yet seems to care nothing for the rights of Palestinians. Such individuals are truly sickening. They get agitated if someone kills a cow or sheep for food but don’t bat an eyelid if a Palestinian has their home stolen, or demolished, or is arbitrarily imprisoned, or beaten and tortured…

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