10 Illegal Military Weapons

Homo Sapiens are experts at inventing ever more efficient means of killing one another. We have moved from using the leg-bone of a Woolly mammoth when bashing a skull, to dropping nuclear bombs on civilians populations just to see what will happen. No other species can compare with ours when it comes to random, brutal, […]

Top 10 Hottest And Sexiest Actresses In Hollywood

Here is a light look at some of those said to be the sexiest women in Hollywood. Opinions may differ on this list. Rebel Voice would never put Scarlett Johansson on such a list as she is highly over-rated in every way. Of course, beauty (and sexiness) is in the eye of the beholder. So […]

Zuckerberg A Self-appointed Truth Marshall?

Anyone familiar with the workings of Facebook will be aware that the social media giant contains a number of clear political biases. For example, Facebook has decreed that Zionism is to be protected within its environs.This is a partisan position on a geopolitical issue. When we look at Zuckerberg himself, and assess his bona fides, […]

Eagle Hunts Goat – Amazing Video

In this sensational footage, we witness a Golden Eagle hunting and attacking a goat on the rocky slopes of an Asian hillside. The tumble and struggle as the two make their way down the slope is crazy to see. It’s when viewing something like this that we can begin to understand just how formidable such […]

Britain Selling Weaponry To Rogue State Of Israel As Palestinians Die

In this clip from Russia Today, we hear how the British government has continually sold weapons to Israel even though the Zionist state has been engaged in the well-documented practice of killing Palestinian civilians. Israel enacts policies of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing. It also launches missile and artillery strikes against civilian targets. It has starved […]

US Police Writing Their Own Rule-book?

This is 26-year-old Ethan Saylor, killed in a Maryland movie theater in 2013 by three off-duty sheriff’s deputies who were working security. Mr. Saylor, who had Down Syndrome and an IQ of 40, had been ordered to leave the theater and had refused. He wanted to see the movie again and to wait for his […]