Catholic School Principal Kissing Orange Ass

The following article is taken from the Belfast Telegraph. It concerns the idiocy involved in the head of Jarlath Burns, a Gaeilgeoir, former Gaelic footballer and current principal of a Catholic secondary school in south Armagh. Burns is well known for his support of the Orange Order. He has brought his pupils to museums dedicated […]

Free Staters And Anti-Republican Pogroms

Ireland has long had a sad history of citizens who aspire to be English or, at the very least, try to be accepted by the English Establishment as pets and lackeys. British colonialism has left a strong imprint upon the psyche of the Irish people. Republicans are aware of the toxic nature of the colonial […]

Cuban Brigade Of Doctors Celebrated In South Africa

The Henry Reeve Brigade from Cuba is made up of doctors and other medical personnel. It is often the first into disaster zones across the planet. The people of Cuba fund the Brigade, even though those same people suffer from an economic blockade imposed illegally (under international law) by the US, and supported by Israel. […]

Iris(h) Robinson And Gaybashing

In this report, we hear of Iris’s ‘mental health’ issues. I do wonder if there is any substance in the claims. It appears, from the outside, that Iris is deemed mentally unwell because she decided to get her end from a young man half her age, and got caught in the process. If Peter had […]

Belfast Republicans Stand Strong Against Orange Menace

Respect must be given to all those who refuse to bow to either the Sectarian Orders or the colonial PSNI. The people of Belfast have long had to endure oppression at the hands of the Planter population. It should be noted that the Republicans of that city have grown in strength and determination, whilst those […]

Sectarian Orders Abusing Catholics

Here are some reminders of the vile conduct of the ‘Loyal Orders‘ as they engage in sectarian abuse directed towards Catholics. Some attitudes are just too deeply embedded for us to expect change. Ban the Sectarian Orders from all public places.   Here is yet another incident:   In this next clip, we can hear […]