Kelly’s Heroes – Oddball

Kelly’s Heroes is a 1970 war movie about some opportunism within the US army as they discover a massive cache of gold being guarded by the SS. The enterprising individuals, led by Kelly – played by Clint Eastwood – set out to try to acquire the precious metal for their own use. Although it’s a […]

Phoenicians – Sea People Of The Middle East

This short documentary looks at the mysterious Phoenicians, an ancient people who connected the world of the Mediterranean through trade. The females from this population group were said to have been the most beautiful in the world. No doubt females from other populations may disagree strongly with this conclusion. However, there is no doubt that […]

Hawking Speaks On The Danger Humanity Faces

As the world laments the passing of the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking, we can remind ourselves of how he viewed the world and the immediate dangers faced by our species. Hawking was a man of great intelligence and compassion. His words should carry weight. Sadly, those who control our planet are those who are deaf […]

Free Palestine – Intifada By DJ Younes

This is a fairly decent song and is well worth the listen. However, caution is advised as the accompanying imagery is tough to watch in places, but then again, this is the reality of life in Palestine under the brutal Israeli regime. – If you care, give it a share –

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 1

This is the first in a six part series exploring the ancient Celts of Europe. Although the story of the Celts is still being written, the information discovered so far is of great interest, especially to those of us who are said to be from traditionally Celtic regions. This series was produced by the BBC […]

Model Scientist

In this brief clip we meet Susan Finkbeiner, an evolutionary biologist who doubles as a catwalk model. Nice work if you can get it. Rebel Voice wonders what exactly her scientific male colleagues make of her. After all, in The Big Bang┬áTheory (which of course is based on real life), the lads get all hot […]

Spartacus – I’m Spartacus

This clip is from the Hollywood classic in which the slave army all declare that they are Spartacus and make the one and only Spartacus weep like a hormonal widow(er). This was a great movie from 1960, but has been spoiled due to the behaviour of the lead, Kirk Douglas, who is a rabid Zionist […]