UN Resolution 2334 And Israeli Liebensraum

Regular followers of the news surrounding The Palestine Crisis will know that Israel has always, that’s always, escaped international sanction for both its crimes against humanity and its war crimes. The repeated atrocities perpetrated by the rogue Zionist state are well documented and acknowledged by international observers. Even UN committees have accepted that Israel is behaving disgracefully. Yet nothing is ever done to stop either the slaughter or ethnic cleansing.

OK, we know that the US regime is backing Israel at all levels. But is that sufficient to explain why a rogue state can, not only continue, but accelerate its human rights abuses against the civilian population of Palestine, most notably in Gaza. There is something rotten in the UN and it smells of Israel.

The following article looks at the inner workings of the UN and its covert assistance to the Israeli state. How radical must pro-Palestinian activists get before strong and affirmative international action is taken against the rogue Israeli state to prevent the ongoing pogroms against the struggling people of Palestine? Rebel Voice fears the worst.

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2 Responses

  1. humanity1one

    The civilian population of Gaza is governed by Hamas, not israel. The lives of these folks were much better when Israel was in charge (prior to 2005).


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