First Crusade – Part 1 – A Christian Folly?

As Christmas approaches, Rebel Voice is giving readers another chance to understand the conflicts that have wracked the Holy Lands for centuries. Wonder what the carpenter from Nazareth would make of it all?

Rebel Voice

Soldiers from western nations rushing to the Middle East to fight Muslims. Death, destruction and suffering on a vast scale, especially for those who live there regardless of whether or not they’re combatants or civilians. New military technologies employed to further imperial ambitions. Greed and supremacist beliefs driving the carnage.

This is what took place in the Middle Ages when Christian Crusaders from Europe sought to take control of the Holy Land from the SeljukTurks from the Middle East. There were unholy alliances, treachery, looting, rape and rapine and all in the name of God.

We could be talking about today. Exchange the European Crusaders for their north American descendants, and switch God for oil, and you have a repeat of the conflict. Our species is labelled Homo Sapiens – Wise man. Yet when we look at our terrible history and the manner in which we tend to…

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