Children Of Our World In Trauma

The plight of suffering children in our world is the single greatest tragedy to exist today, or ever. In a world of plenty, there are those who have barely begun their lives who starve. There are those small victims who tremble in terror due to abuse or fear and/or abandonment. It is a damning indictment of the human species that such conditions should exist, when it is all so avoidable. Is there sufficient will to do anything substantial about it? If yes, then why do children continue to be blown to pieces or shot to death by inhumans? If so why is there child trafficking where children are raped, mutilated and murdered? If so, then why is this article necessary? If the will is not there, and all evidence points to this, then surely it brings shame to each and every one of us who do not act.

Rebel Voice

This short but haunting piece of video highlights the ways in which the children of the Earth are being failed by humanity. There are no words sufficient to describe the horrors that children face in an increasingly callous and selfish global society.

Rebel Voice strongly recommends that everyone watch this clip, and then spare a thought for the children, all the children.

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