India & Israel – Kashmir And Palestine – A Study In Brutality

As tensions increase in both Palestine and Kashmir, the following article takes a look at comparable aspects of both conflicts and the right-wing regimes responsible for them.

Palestine has become synonymous with oppression and Apartheid. The actions of the Israeli gerrymander over many decades have been well documented. Those crimes against humanity continue to this present day with no one being exempted from Israel’s insane desire to dominate every aspect of the lives of Palestinians as they concurrently steal their homes and land.

Likewise, the Muslim majority of Kashmir who have long sought independence are being oppressed in the most brutal fashion. The right-wing leadership of Modi has stepped up inequality and injustice in that land currently under Indian control. Islamophobia has become rife with lynchings commonplace as Hindu extremists stir emotions to fever-pitch.

It should come as no surprise then, to learn that both India and Israel are firm allies, especially in the matter of military hardware. Have a look.

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