Strait Of Hormuz: Jugular Of The Global Economy Explained

As tensions escalate in the Middle East, perhaps now is a good time to take a look at one place where it could erupt into full-blown war. The main protagonists at this time are, Iran on one side, and the Axis of Evil on the other. The Axis consists of the US Federal Government and its agencies, Israel, the Wahhabi regime, and assorted Gulf States all in thrall to an increasingly belligerent US military and the corporations that ultimately control it.

But Iran does have friends, not least of which is Russia, with China also having a strong rapport with the Persian nation. Iran also has a lot of oil, and where oil is, there goes the US imperial armies peopled by naive citizens who think that killing and dying for black gold is patriotism.

The Strait of Hormuz is a flashpoint. There have been previous incidents here and on 3rd July, 1988, the USS Vicennes shot down an Iranian passenger jet flying over the Strait murdering all 290 innocent travellers on board. No one ever stood trial for that atrocity.

As the Axis of Evil moves a flotilla into the region in an effort to intimidate the Iranians, we might consider how easily such conflagrations can escalate into global conflict. After all, World War One began because one Serbian separatist shot dead Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Here is the Strait of Hormuz, from Rebel Voice to you.

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