G Tom Mac – Cry Little Sister (The Lost Boys Soundtrack)

Gerard Thomas McMahon was born in England but moved to the US when he was 11-years-old, going on to become one of the best known composers for the Entertainment Industry throughout the eighties and nineties. He has also went by the titles, Gerard McMann, G Tom Mac and recently Gerard MacMahon.

MacMahon specialises in composing music for TV and movies, and has provided songs for such notable productions as Charmed, Dawson’s Creek (oh no Joey, I’m not ready (damned Dawson should just have shagged her)), Baywatch, Crossing Jordan, Providence and of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But it was in the 1987 cult classic vampire flick, The lost Boys, that thrust Gerry Boy into the big time with his ‘Cry Little Sister’. It’s a haunting melody with similarly emotive lyrics, and is a song that has rightly become timeless. Not bad for a lad of Irish descent from Birmingham in the English West Midlands.

The following artsy video is direct from G Tom Mac, and a second version comes right after for comparison, and thus providing a flimsy excuse to listen to this wonderful track again.

The following video is taken from the movie, The Lost Boys, which made the song hugely famous. For teens in the eighties, this was thee movie, unless you were square… or dead (but not living dead). It had the Frog Brothers after all. Which video works best, do you think?

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