G Tom Mac – Cry Little Sister (The Lost Boys Soundtrack)

Gerard Thomas McMahon was born in England but moved to the US when he was 11-years-old, going on to become one of the best known composers for the Entertainment Industry throughout the eighties and nineties. He has also went by the titles, Gerard McMann, G Tom Mac and recently Gerard MacMahon. MacMahon specialises in composing […]

Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Pop Cover)

You just can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash. He’s got that Midas touch when it comes to music. Every cover he ever tried was as good, if not better, than the original. Personal Jesus, the 80s hit from the English pop band, Depeche Mode, is no different. Cash was a Christian and this song perhaps […]

The Beautiful South – Rotterdam (Pop)

The Beautiful South have one of the most impressive back catalogues in the business with a string of hits throughout the eighties and nineties. Here is one of their best known. If you enjoyed this, please share

Del Amitri – Nothing Ever Happens (Alternative)

Del Amitri are a Scottish alternative rock band that hit the big time in the eighties. Nothing Ever Happens is their best known hit and speaks of the corruption and disaffection inherent in our broken western societies. It was a favourite with students and their guitars across The Celtic Isles. If you enjoyed this, please […]

The Music Shop -Quirky Novel By Rachel Joyce

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce Rebel Voice has hit a fairly decent streak in off-the-wall entertaining books of late and long may it continue. The Music Shop is one more delightfully engaging novel with a unique story-line. Frank is in his forties, single and the owner of a struggling music shop on Unity Street […]