Yemeni Child’s Story Is Symptom Of Saudi Arabian Brutality, And She Gifts The Hope That Remains Alive

Her name is Buthaina Mansur and she is from Yemen. In 2017, Saudi Arabian warplanes bombed her home killing her entire family. Images of the little girl, with extensive injuries to her face, reached the hearts of millions across the globe. She was seen trying desperately to open one of her badly swollen eyes so that she could see who was speaking to her.

Buthaina became symbolic of all the children who suffer the effects of war. Like the image of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi before her, Buthaina‘s picture and her bravery inspired many to work harder to end needless conflict. Most of the wars on our world are unnecessary and that in Yemen is one such. It is the power-mad desire of the Saudi regime that is continuing the bloodshed there. So many people suffering and so many dead. So many children slaughtered or starving or dying of disease.  And all so that the Wahhabi regime can assert its dominance and total control of the Arabian peninsula.

This beautiful little Yemeni girl has found another home with her uncle and his family. But she still grieves for her loved ones. Perhaps her pain, and her smile, will be enough to stop the missiles of Saudi Arabia from entirely destroying any more lives in Yemen. Perhaps, or perhaps not. Sadly, if history has taught us anything, it’s that humanity is too quick to forget. Apathy is killing us all. Alan’s death did not prevent the pain brought to Buthaina. In any event, maybe we can still show our respect for a girl who could teach us all a thing or two about courage and tenacity. Say hello to Buthaina Mansur.

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