13 Hungry Polar Bears Surround Film Crew

They are the largest bears on the planet and will eat people. These majestic alpha carnivores are known to us as Polar Bears. When a BBC film crew tried to record this most magnificent predator of the northern climes, they got more than they bargained for. 13 of the massive beasts made their way closer to have a look at the funny-smelling primates in the strange skins.

As you will see from the video that follows, the film crew’s answer to the threat posed by some of the bears was to start their snow-mobiles. The noise of the engines was apparently enough to keep the monsters away. Rebel Voice would not like to depend upon the sound of an engine to prevent being killed and eaten. Does bear-spray not work in the cold conditions? Did the film crew have rifles but chose not to show them on camera? If they had no protection other than the engine noise, then they were asking for trouble and probably deserved to be the main course for some hungry bears. Rebel Voice is glad, however, that they weren’t, this time…

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2 Responses

  1. I lived in the Arctic for 30 years and have seen many polar bears….at a distance….some too close for comfort at times. Going out there to film Polar Bears without Inuit to advise you and protect you is just plain crazy. They were lucky that they lived to tell the story. Even Inuit are attacked by Polar Bears…we lost 2 this summer along Hudson Bay and they knew how to live with Polar Bears!!Anyone filming or going out without Inuit guides is asking for trouble. Bears have always been very dangerous and are getting worse now that the world is warming.

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