Russian Amphibious Vehicle – New Model Armoured Personnel Carrier (And Good For Running Errands Too)

Oh Jaysus, the Russians are coming! Better call the Wolverines to save us all, again! Well no they’re not, as it happens. The Russians have no intention of arriving on western shores to rape and pillage. The Capitalists of the West have already got that sector sewn up. As things stand, it’s more likely the Russians may have to save the lot of us from Trump, Netanyahu and their cronies in governments around the world.

The video shown takes a look at one of the newest APCS (Armoured Personnel Carriers) that the Russkies have available to them. This one is amphibious but won’t be traversing the north Atlantic any time soon. Rebel Voice is intent on purchasing one of these as the potholes around this place are getting f**king ridiculous. A Volkswagen Beetle disappeared into one last night after heavy rain. Wouldn’t have happened to one of these Russians wagons, and think of the amount of shopping you could fit into one!

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