Top 10 Most Shocking (?) Examples Of Celebrity Nonsense In 2018

Celebrities tend to take up an inordinate amount of our time. Someone compiled the following list and Rebel Voice is at a loss to understand why. Having said that, it is still being published as such articles are much viewed. This site would love to smother Kanye West, not literally as that would be illegal, unless he’s Palestinian and you’re in Israel. No, what we mean is that we would like to deprive him of the oxygen of publicity as he is a clown with too much to say and none of it worth listening to. He’s not alone.

Take a scally at the following and see how disgusted you can get at the antics, and sordid conduct, of those who are paid way too much from the pockets of an increasingly conditioned public. Ask yourself, should either Lindsay Lohan or Kanye West be allowed to roam free? What would happen if they had a baby together? Would that child be the anti-Christ? Do you care?

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