Israel’s Nuremburg Laws – A Comparison

There are many similarities between the Nazi state in Germany and the Israeli state of today. The Nation State Law is only one of them. Here is a reminder of that heinous piece of legislation.

Rebel Voice

The Naziesque policies of the rogue state of Israel have been well documented at this time. Many justifiable comparisons have been made to Apartheid South Africa, which was a strong ally of the Zionist state. Of course, there has also been mention of the true precursors of Israel, Nazi Germany.

As much as the Jewish people suffered under the Nazi regime, and they did suffer greatly, it is apparent that Israel has decide to emulate the behaviour of those torturers of innocent people.

The policies of ethnic cleansing that have been enacted across the Occupied Territories are reminiscent of the Nazi policy of Lebensraum, when German expansionism meant the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of citizens in neighbouring nations to make way for Nazi squatters. Israel is currently doing the very same in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. They also have their eye on Gaza…

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