Top 10 Scariest Urban Legends

We will all have heard one urban legend or another. Sometimes they are global, sometimes national and often just local. They all have the power to make us pause for thought. What if, when driving over that particular bridge, the Devil does appear in your backseat? Would it make you look in the rear-view.

Rebel Voice is reminded of the story of an Irishman who went alone to watch the movie, The Blair Witch Project. As he drove home alone, he passed through a lonely stretch of road where there was bogland on either side. Suddenly there was a screaming from the inside of the car, just behind his head. He almost lost control of the car as he turned around to see who had made the loud noise.

It was then he discovered that the window just behind him had dropped down ever so slightly. The wind rushing in was the source of the scream. The moral? He was prepped to be scared after watching a psychological film. Under normal circumstances, he might have been startled, but he was wound tight and the scare was therefore more intense.

Ghost stories and urban legends have their place in folklore. The tradition is ancient. The following video gives us ten of the best known. Is yours in here?

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