Political Gladiators Of The Irish OSC Fight To A Bitter End (In A Mudbath)

Here is some Irish political satire involving two formidable individuals much in the news of late. If only Brexit could be decided in this way…

Rebel Voice

With elections looming in the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC), and given the inherent hostility that exists between the various parties, I was persuaded into thinking of the manner in which warring forces of the ancient world often chose to settle their disputes.

Rather than have two opposing armies slaughter one another, with resultant massive losses on either side, it was instead sometimes agreed that a champion be selected to represent each, and single combat then be the means of fighting.

Rebel Voice pondered deeply this arrangement and how it could be applied to the warring tribes of the OSC, and it was with great deliberation that this site contemplated the most viable method by which the two most powerful antagonists could put forth their champions in mortal combat.

Unfortunately, the two parties in question are the DUP and Sinn Féin, representing Unionism and Republicanism respectively, and their…

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