European Paedophiles Targeting Nepalese Children

Cubes. Hollow concrete cubes with only the food and heat necessary to keep the residents alive. No mental stimulation. No conversation. No contact with any other person. No lights. No fresh air. Just the Cubes. One door. No windows. No colour. One hole in the floor for toiletry needs. One thin mattress. Cubes.

The incidence of paedophilia in the world is one of the greatest crimes of all. Strong action has to be taken to both punish and deter. The method presented would do it. Cubes. The costs would be minimal. Those who harm children are inhuman. Inhumans do not have human rights. They have only inhuman rights. The right to suffer and eventually die. How those aims are achieved should be the subject of serious global debate. Governments and people.

The next video takes a brief look at how children in Nepal are being systematically targeted by inhumans from Europe and across the western world. It’s a sickening insight into just how morally corrupt our societies are. That shit has got to be stopped.

If you care about this issue, please tell others

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