Irish Professional Footballer Refuses To Wear British Military Symbol, Ignites Fierce Debate

James McClean is from Derry City in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland. It is a place that has suffered tremendously from the ravages of the British Army. These days, he is a professional footballer in England, playing for Stoke City. Each November, there is a relatively recent trend whereby players are expected to don the poppy, a symbol of support for all British soldiers. McClean has consistently refused to wear it. He has come in for much criticism but has stood his ground in what is a very principled stance.

This year, the issue has again ignited, and yet again McClean has stood strong. Yet the campaign to force such military symbols upon those who have suffered under that same military intensifies. It’s shocking to realise that the British media would have an Irish Nationalist show support for an army that slaughtered hundreds of Irish Nationalists. Such is the way with the British MSM.

Take a scally at the following to better understand Ireland’s equivalent of Colin Kaepernick, a sports star with a conscience and the backbone to follow it.

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