Child Detainees Of Trump’s Regime Still Languish In Cages

The once well publicized case of the abducted children at the US border has not gone away. Although there was a massive initial outcry at the heavy-handed approach to the treatment of the young of illegal immigrants, the media in general appear to have let the matter go. But not everyone has forgotten those children, most of whom it should be pointed out still languish in US cages.

The trauma that a child goes through when abducted in this way is considerable. It does not end when they are returned to their parents. Yet the US government shows no signs of either moving to end this barbaric practice nor of offering an abject apology for the conduct of the government. It seems as if any fleeting sense of morality, that once existed within the corridors of power within Washington D.C., has evaporated entirely within the hot and fetid gas that emanates from the gaping mouth of Donald Trump.

Politicians who condemned Trump’s policies and then moved on before the problem was resolved are as guilty as he is in these crimes against humanity. Mealy-mouthed words of condemnation to wins votes is but a cynical and devious ploy that requires the schemer to be exposed for the fraud that they are. History will not absolve the Trumps of this world. Nor will it forgive those who could have stopped him but didn’t. Children deserve much better from adults, regardless of whose children they are and where they come from. There should never be a hierarchy of children’s rights, yet that is exactly what is taking place in the US, and across the world, today. Surely it shames us all?

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