Fat Bear Contest – Mum Wins

Bears don’t worry about obesity. In fact they crave it. It’s regarded as a status symbol in their world of feasting. Recently, observers of these wonderful creatures in Alaska have been keeping tabs on which bear is the fattest and therefore, in bear terms, the healthiest.

The greatest surprise to Rebel Voice is that the winner was a female. This site won’t engage in jokes about women watching their figures more than men. Nor will we comment about how big her arse looks in her furry suit. Sure doesn’t she look great in anything. However, female bears are usually much smaller than males. For a female to have outdone the man-bears in this instance is testament to the wily ingenuity of the female of that species. But sure can’t that be said for all species…?

So take a look at our beauty queen. Admire her voluptuous form. Stand in awe at her work ethic. But for god’s sake don’t mention that she’s put on a few pounds for an angry female bear is an angry bear indeed.

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