Know Your Zionist Enemy – Facebook

Here is a reminder of the way in which Zionism directly influences corporations to the point of de facto control.

Rebel Voice

Lately, a regular contributor to this blog was telling us about a recent ban that was forced upon him by Facebook. The exact reasoning for the ban was never made clear and he is none the wiser as to why it was imposed as his activities had not changed. The ban centred around a prohibition upon commenting upon, posting to, or joining groups only. He is not the only person to have been banned by the social media giant for obscure or undivulged reasons.

Previously, the same person was blocked by the social media behemoth for stating that Israel should not exist. Should an individual express a similar belief regarding Ireland, or the UK or even the US, no such action is taken. In the world of Facebook, Israel is special.

In the aforementioned case, our contributor was responsible for posting a small number (3) of articles to Facebook…

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