Fairy Folklore Of County Clare, Ireland

Ireland is a nation steeped in both the supernatural and paranormal. Whether it is selkies, banshees, leprechauns or politicians, the Emerald Isle has more than its fair share of scary and corruptible creatures.

Yet one Otherworldly entity holds a grip upon the people more than any other, and that is the fairies. Travel around rural Ireland and you will still see Fairy Trees standing alone in fields, sacred and untouched. There are a multitude of Fairy Forts with clumps of oaks standing sentinel atop, a reminder of the realm of the Little People that lies below. The magical Tuatha DeDanaan still hold sway over the minds and imaginations of Irish folk in an increasingly cynical world.

The tradition of the fairies, whilst somewhat fantastical, is yet a taste of old Ireland. Perhaps progress should not mean throwing away all the old stories and beliefs even if we no longer attach much credibility to them. In a technological world, can we agree that there should still remain some mysticism, some magic?

The following video introduces us to just some of those in Ireland who have stories of the fairy folk. It’s an innocent perspective, but innocence is not always a bad thing as we plough haphazardly into a science-based future of formula and theory.

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