The Exorcist – Out Of The Shadows

The Exorcist – Out of The Shadows by Bob McCabe When The Exorcist movie was released in 1973, it sent shock-waves across the Western World, not just in cinema, but throughout society. Among those multitudes who went to view this film sensation were some who fainted and others who fled the cinema to be physically […]

Sole Survivor – Thriller By Dean Koontz

Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz The bold Mr Koontz is a regular feature on Rebel Voice. He has been both lauded and slated on this site. His books demand both. He also has a dog fixation. That’s not a typo. It is dog. Thankfully, not every book is degraded by his canine obsession. However, Deano, […]

Ashley Bell – Novel By Dean Koontz

Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz Bibi Blair had it all going for her, a solid job as an up-and-coming novelist, two loving and supportive parents and a fiance who is a serving Navy Seal. Unfortunately, it all came crashing down when she was diagnosed with a rare and fatal form of brain cancer. Bibi falls […]

Faery Dream – Irish Poem On The Little People

Rebel Voice is delighted to bring you this new piece of verse from our resident poet, A.D. It tells the tale of a man who has a vivid dream of an encounter with the Faery Folk of Ireland. However, he is left wondering if indeed it was a dream or did it really happen. With […]

Fairy Folklore Of County Clare, Ireland

Ireland is a nation steeped in both the supernatural and paranormal. Whether it is selkies, banshees, leprechauns or politicians, the Emerald Isle has more than its fair share of scary and corruptible creatures. Yet one Otherworldly entity holds a grip upon the people more than any other, and that is the fairies. Travel around rural […]

The Dead Zone – Stephen King Novel

The Dead Zone  by Stephen King This classic, by the master horror writer, was first published in 1977 but has aged remarkably well. It’s strange to think that some readers of such fiction today were not even a glint in their sexed-up father’s eye when King penned The Dead Zone. In fact, there may be […]

Top 10 Best Twilight Zone Episodes

The Twilight Zone was a popular US TV series for a good many years. It created stories that thrilled and unsettled the viewers. The plots were unique and creative and regularly caught fans unaware. This particular list may not meet the approval of everyone, but it does provide a nice reminder of just how enjoyable […]

True Blood – Where Are They Now?

Although it has ended, the True Blood franchise still looms large in vampire lore. The series had a great cast with strong plots. The following video takes a look at those who played their part in making True Blood the runaway success that it was and still is in the minds of many. Nosferatu have […]

True Blood Intro Song

This song is taken from the intro to that king of vampire and supernatural shows, True Blood, which showed us an entirely new side, and back and front, to Anna Paquin. The soundtrack is cracking hot and sets the scene for a very sultry and entertaining series which comes highly recommended by Rebel Voice. – […]

Top 10 Scariest Movie Monsters

Most people enjoy a good scare, even if they hit you a thump after you’ve jumped out of the closet at them wearing a Michael Myers mask (sorry Granny!). Hollywood has long known of the profit to be made from enticing people into a packed movie house where the group shake and scream together. Over […]

Ireland’s 10 Creepiest Places

This is a light-hearted look at some of Ireland’s ghostly places. The list is not complete, as phantoms and apparitions inhabit every parish and cupboard across the Emerald Isle. It is said that there are hundreds of ghastly ghouls, for example, who linger in Leinster House in Dublin for most of the political year. The […]

Gwendy’s Button Box – Stephen King & Richard Chizmar

Gwendy’s Button Box  by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar It’s the August 22nd, 1974, and Gwendy Peterson is a chubby twelve-year-old determined to lose weight before changing schools. She goes daily to the metal stairs that lead up the rock face to Castle View, and climbs as fast as she can to burn off all […]