Ireland’s 10 Creepiest Places

This is a light-hearted look at some of Ireland’s ghostly places. The list is not complete, as phantoms and apparitions inhabit every parish and cupboard across the Emerald Isle. It is said that there are hundreds of ghastly ghouls, for example, who linger in Leinster House in Dublin for most of the political year.

The narrator for this journey is North American, so his pronunciation of the Irish names is not entirely accurate. Listen for his attempt at Donaghadee, it will make natives laugh (kindly). He has also managed to somehow added a new county to Ireland called Coolderry. Rebel Voice is at a loss to understand where this county is, but then again, Ireland has many mysteries still be be explained, such as why Irish women punch men they like. Perhaps it’s an antiquated mating ritual? And why do Irishmen scratch their large bellies in a very public fashion, especially when there are women watching? And why do Irish women’s nostrils flare wildly when they are attracted to a male? So many questions, not enough time!

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