Red Dirt

One of the early reviews from Rebel Voice. The book is as good now as it was then.

Rebel Voice

Red Dirt  by E.M. Reapy

Hopper, Fiona and Murph are members of the shameful, coercive migration of Irish young people to Australia after the collapse of the Celtic (Papier Mâché) Tiger.

For those of you unfamiliar with said circumstances, I will summarize. A shower of greedy bastards destroyed the economy of the entire island of Ireland, and pretty much got away with it.

I know that other nations, such as the US, were also hit hard during the crash, but Ireland suffered a disproportionate level of economic hardship that was the worst experienced since the dark days of the Famine, more than 150 years previous.

Our country still hasn’t recovered, as multitudes continue to live a hand-to-mouth existence, yet too proud to admit that times are as tough as they are. Shame keeps them silent, as those responsible –  the bankers, the developers, the contractors, the…

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