In Search Of Racism And Racists

With Trump’s negative influence on racial issues in the US and abroad, Rebel Voice is re-posting this article from back at the beginning of this site.

Rebel Voice

Lately, Rebel Voice had cause to give thought to the wider topic of racism – what it is and where it is to be found. Observers will have noticed the recent increase in both Islamophobic and racist sentiment in western nations, particularly the US. Thoughtless fools, such as Trump, spew out careless statements with little regard to the consequences for innocents caught up in an ugly wave of misplaced and manufactured recriminations.

As I see the loud and aggressive rednecks scream their hatred of anyone non-white, and view the impoverished sectors as they blame foreigners, or refugees, or ‘that lot’, or ‘those sort’, I am forced to wonder how much they really understand about who is to blame for their hardships and unhappiness, and therefore how much validity we can attach to opinions that would quickly label such malcontents as racist.

Let me be clear, racism is abhorrent, and racist…

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