Know Your Zionist Enemies – Kirk And Michael Douglas

A reminder of just how embedded Zionism really is in Hollywood. It will take a lot of work and much pain to extricate the global Entertainment Industry from the clutches of those who would serve as apologists for the rogue state of Israel.

Rebel Voice

In this episode of the Rebel Voice series, Know Your Zionist Enemy, we have again decided to provide readers with two for the price of one. In this instance, the Zionists are father and son. Both are extremely well known, successful, and influential in the Hollywood movie industry.

It can be seen from the following article, that many Hollywood Zionists are quite blatant in their unadulterated support for the rogue state of Israel. Others chose to remain behind the scenes in this respect. They are all dangerous to the lives and welfare of the people of Palestine.

On we go now, in our journey into the Zionist lives of both Kirkand Michael Douglas.

Related imageKirk Douglas was born Issur Danielovitch in the area known as Amsterdam in New York, on December 9th, 1916. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Belarussia, which at the time was part of the Russian…

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2 Responses

  1. Clearly, they have no moral compass but quite apart from that, the pair of them were very poor actors. Many substandard actors and actresses got the breaks they managed to get because of the corrupt nature of the Hollywood scene. If i’m going to be ultra critical, I would have to add that some may have been better suited to radio broadcasting too.

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