Israel Wages War On Palestinian Children’s Right To Education

As a rogue state, Israel is guilty of a great many crimes. One of these is to try to prevent Palestinian children from enjoying a normal life with all that that should entail.

The Zionist regime has worked hard to try to prevent indigenous children from gaining an education. This is designed to, firstly, intimidate families from living in specific areas, as Israel attempts to annex all of Palestine.

The second reason for this criminal move is to prevent young Palestinians from being able to effectively challenge Zionists in courts or via the media. Additionally, if the young of Palestine are denied an education, then they are forced to embrace other means of fighting back against Israel, thereby providing ammunition for Israel to use in its eternal fight to portray itself as a victim, when in fact the opposite is the case.

Israel’s policies are devious and insidious. They are also unrelenting. Israel must be stopped. Any failure to do this is unconscionable.

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