Camera Footage Of Moment Israeli Missiles Hit Gaza Residential Area

The following is truly shocking footage of the impact of Israeli missiles as they strike a building in Gaza. The attack killed two children and wounded dozens of other civilians. The building featured had CCTV in all rooms and it is these that captured the devastating impact of the Zionist attack. The missiles struck an adjacent site but the subsequent damage to nearby structures is clearly evident.

Try to imagine, if you will, living where you can never be certain of when or where Israeli missiles or artillery shells will strike. The rogue state of Israel is well known to care little about civilian deaths and has been responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Palestinian children during the last few decades. The residents of Gaza live in terror of when their death will fall from the sky. The children are traumatized. Many are severely wounded. Israel doesn’t care. The UN doesn’t care. The EU doesn’t care. They continue to talk. But talk won’t stop the Israeli menace.

The rogue Zionist state has long instituted a program of attacks against the people of Gaza in an effort to intimidate them from the area. Israel wants all of Palestine. They seek to annex East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Gaza. They will persist in their pogroms and inhuman onslaught until they are stopped. Who will stop them?

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  1. This is a truly despicable crime, for no other reason than to kill more Palestinians. I’ve been reading Israel Shahak and if what he wrote is true then we none Jews simply don’t matter. We are disposable, worthless and can be lied to if and when Jews feel the need. If this is permissible according to the Talmud or whatever, then why hasn’t it been more widely acknowledged? Or have I just been caught in the web of a conspiracy theory?

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  2. Yes rebelvoice, absolutely, I didn’t mean to infer that all Jews consider non Jews to be inferior, my point was that the Israeli government’s perception of Arabs actually fits this description perfectly. Of course, the usual platitudes from ministers always carry the same tone – all loss of life is regrettable but the fact remains the same, murderous Jews are rarely forced to serve any meaningful sentence for crimes inflicted on Arabs. So basically, the life of an Arab is worthless, yet Ahed Tamimi is still in prison for a slap that wouldn’t have hurt a 5 year old and the Israeli soldier who executed the Arab laid on the floor has long since finished being served with porridge, if indeed he ever was.
    When Arabs are deliberately left dying of their injuries, it’s because the Jews are not compelled to save the life on a non Jew. I find this extremely disturbing and would find it just the same if any other religion made such decisions on the same basis. I find this lack of compassion for fellow humans, no matter what race, creed religion or whatever, to be staggering. Of course, this criteria is clearly ignored by Jewish doctors who live amongst us and do a superb job but I wouldn’t like to be taken ill in Israel, certainly not on the sabbath.
    I feel like this information has tainted my thinking, even though for as long as I recall, I’ve tried to treat everyone just the same. I’m beginning to wish I’d never read ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years’ by Israel Shahak.

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