Israeli Squatter Map That Shocked US President

US Presidents are, by and large, heavily biased in favour of Israel. They are all, of course, Zionists. However, Trump has taken this approach to an entirely new level with his blatant and morally vacuous behaviour. When Barack Obama was in the top job, he eventually realised, too late, that Israeli was systemically dissecting the Palestinian West Bank to the point where a two-state solution was no longer viable.

It was the supposedly chance viewing of a map by one of his staffers that prompted Obama to express his concerns to the Israeli government, who did not deny it. The crux of this matter is that the US government did not come out and clearly state their aversion to what Israel was doing and had been doing for decades. They welshed. Furthermore, the Trump administration was always aware of the opinions and experiences of Obama and his people. Yet, Trump has moved to further defend and facilitate Israeli aggression in their aim of annexing all of Palestine.

Trump lies repeatedly in his public statements regarding Palestine. Netanyahu also lies in his public statements about almost everything. Together, they have sought to hoodwink firstly the people of the US and, secondly, the population of the world. The backdrop to all of this is an increasing level of suffering for the people of Palestine, especially those trapped in Gaza.

Rebel Voice wonders when the powers of this world will act to stop this Axis of Evil. If populations continue to elect immoral, unprincipled and unscrupulous leaders, then there is little hope for Palestine. However, if the people are awakened to the truth of what is being done, not only in Palestine and the Middle East, but across the globe, then perhaps they will become motivated and emboldened enough to remove their respective leaders to replace them with conscientious individuals. The UK can be seen as a microcosm in this regard. Corbyn’s election would signal a turning point in the balance of power between those who would see us all enslaved by debt and MSM lies, and those who will not.

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