Israeli Policy Of Ethnic Cleansing Continues In Palestine – Village Attacked

The following piece looks at the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian villages in the Occupied Territories, in particular Khan al-Ahmar which is currently under attack. The Zionist regime has long adopted an approach whereby they select certain areas as targets and then move to confiscate and annex the land there. Although this is in breach of international law, the UN is doing nothing of use to prevent its continuance.

When the Palestinian villagers are then forcibly and often brutally removed, Israeli squatters are placed on the stolen land thereby solidifying Israeli control over the region. This is clear-cut ethnic cleansing and flies in the face of accepted international norms. Yet Israel has received de facto immunity from the international community, most notably the United States, and pushes on quickly with its vile practice of land theft and forcible transfer of people.

In this way, Israel has effectively made the two-state solution almost impossible, as was always their intent. The nations of the western world have been taken for the fools that govern them.

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