Japanese Journalist Steps Up In Defence Of Palestine

In this brief report, we meet a Japanese journalist who originally visited Israel as a sympathizer of the Zionist state. He quickly uncovered the truth behind the founding of the rogue state and has since campaigned tirelessly in his home nation to enlighten the people to the horrors and injustice that the Palestinian people suffered in the past, and are suffering today.

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2 Responses

  1. This man is a brave and honourable. We all have preconceived ideas or subconscious preferences. Whether it be the colour or style of the football shirt which persuaded you to follow a particular club. My journey in to the dark depths of human depravity began when I asked myself the question, ‘What can induce a young person to become a suicide bomber in Israel?’
    The answer, if it were all as it seems, is desperation and hopelessness. At that time in history, things were bad for the Palestinians, but I believe they are even worse now. Ofcourse, with recent false flags, I’m not so sure those young Palestinians were quite as involved as Israeli authorities would have us believe.
    Up to recentish times, the London bombings. There was no requirement for ‘suicide attacks’, the suspects could have walked away, leaving their bags on the trains. Suicide bombers aren’t used if there is another way to target the enemy. No footage of the security cameras on the trains or in the stations. Neither were the bus camera’s, yes more than one, working. Better not refer to the companies in charge of security, eh? I wouldn’t want anyone to think me an anti semite for stating the facts.
    As the Japanese gentleman stated, I too believed initially that the Israelis were being persecuted, for what reason I didn’t know. Truth is much stranger than fiction, and only by digging deep into the uncomplicated ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians did I become the anti semite I am today. Maybe I initially preferred the Israeli pale blue to the multi coloured Palestinian shirt, but that all changed when I scratched the surface.

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