Palestine Looks To International Criminal Court For Elusive Justice

The people of Palestine have been waiting more than 70 years for the justice that has been denied them. They have endured more than any nation should ever be expected to. The UN has repeatedly failed them. Israel has committed atrocity after atrocity, yet remains untouched by the international community. It seems that if the dead and dying are Palestinian then their lives have little value to the play-makers of the West.

Now the Palestinian Authority has made an appeal to the International Criminal Court for an independent investigation. It is clear that the Palestinians have a strong case. What is not clear is how independent the ICC really is. Will Zionist pressure, especially in the form of the US Empire, force the ICC to back off from doing the right thing? Or will the damn finally break and Israel be held accountable for its many crimes against humanity?

The outcome of this appeal will go a long way in determining how the people of Palestine conduct their resistance for the foreseeable future.

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3 Responses

  1. Strong doubts as to the transparency of any investigation carried out by ICC given the Ziocon pressure… the Zioncons specialize at pressuring individuals, who still have their conscience alive n’ kicking, until forced and coerced to either follow ‘advice’ or step down…

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