Gazan Amputees Found Soccer Team

Israeli brutality is well documented. Anyone who is interested can easily find out the full extent of the crimes perpetrated by the rogue Zionist state against the people of Palestine.

However, as much as those with a conscience will deplore the conduct of the Israelis, it can be easy to overlook the after-effects of the injustice and death meted out. After all, there is so much of it. For example, when a Palestinian mother loses her child to Israeli bombs or bullets, her pain does not end, ever. She must live on and grieve for the rest of her days. Yet her suffering can be forgotten as the latest fatalities are announced. More than 500 minors and children died over a 51 day period in 2014, when Israel launched a barbaric onslaught against Gaza and its civilian popualtion. That’s a lot of grieving families.

The same can be said of those who suffer horrific injuries such as amputations. Their story does not end with media coverage of yet another spate of Israeli murders. Those who lose limbs, and there have been too many recently during the massacre in Gaza, struggle to rebuild their lives and salvage their dreams.

The following piece is a brief look at some of their stories.

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