Zionist Scheme To Annex all Of Palestine Revealed – CIA Memo Uncovered

Those with even the most basic knowledge of Zionism and its modus operandi will be aware of the many plots and schemes that have been hatched over the years with a view to claiming all of Palestine for the supremacists of Israel. It is staggering to think that although the governments of the West are also aware of these ploys, they have still not moved to strongly deal with the Israeli menace.

The following report is an interesting one in that it shows a CIA memo stating that Israel is clearly trying to enact measures to annex large parts of Jerusalem and Palestine that cannot be undone. Israeli claims that they are interested in peace are exposed as deceit. It is obvious that the rogue Zionist state is procrastinating, merely to buy enough time to steal more Palestinian land, with the overall aim of never returning it. An even more fractured Palestine, increasingly full of Zionists squatters, will be seen to become an impossibility in terms of national statehood. At least that is how the Zionists see it. Palestinians, and hundreds of millions of people around the globe, have other ideas.

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6 Responses

  1. They have always meant to steal it all… that has been the aim since 1896… it is good such solid evidence is coming out now… a lot of people, would not believe otherwise… especially in the West… the two-state solution was nothing but eyewash… right through to the core… those who believed in it for decades were thoroughly fooled by the ones who coined it so very cleverly… the past 70 years history of Israel’s ‘national character’ and its ‘active adventures’ tells anyone who wishes to truly see, there can be no peace in the ME as long as Israel exists as it does… the irony is before the placement of Western-manufactured Israel common Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together for eons in the Land of Prophets… people of the ME did not have an issue with each other until the conniving British arrived with their [enchant for colonialism… what we see today is the continuation of the process that set into motion almost two and a half centuries ago…

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  2. Yeah… its sad to see there were so many regions in the world where people of different faiths used to live in perfect harmony… and today so few… is this what we would term advancement of mankind…? Perhaps in the absence of the menace that Zionism is, we would have had a different story…

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  3. Actually you know it just occurred to me while working on an essay in process that people of different faiths were living peacefully not only in the Middle East prior to its colonization by the British and French but also in the Indian sub-continent where Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians were all living peacefully under the Mughal Empire before the British arrived… not that the Ottoman Empire or the preceding Muslim Empires, both Arab and Persian, in various parts of the ME prior to the Ottomans, were by any means even near perfect systems of governance, yet it was part of general conduct of these rulers to ensure the rights of the minority populations, hence the harmony that prevailed by and large… the case in the Indian sub-continent was similar under the Muslim rulers of the region. This observation is completely unbiased and historic facts that can be easily verified tend to support this view. The British Empire thrived on divide and rule wherever it grounded itself and left behind a legacy of disputes for the indigenous people of those regions. That is just such a sad way to rule honestly.

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