Sleep Like A Baby – Charlaine Harris Novel

Sleep Like A Baby   by Charlaine Harris

Aurora Teagarden is a librarian in a small place called Lawrenceton, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She is a small woman with a big personality and a penchant for finding trouble.

In Sleep Like A Baby (2017), Aurora has just given birth to her first child, Sophie, and is feeling under stress. To make matters worse, she has come down with a bad dose of flu and her husband, Robin Crusoe (yes, we know), has to attend an awards ceremony in a different state. Aurora (Roe) is forced to rely upon her younger half-brother, Phillip, who lives with the couple, and Virginia Mitchell, a nanny they employ in emergencies.

It all goes well, and Roe is recuperating, until one night she wakes to the sound of her daughter crying. Upon rising, Aurora discovers that her nanny has disappeared without explanation. The plot thickens and purifies when she and Phillip discover the dead body of a woman in the back-garden. The delectable Mrs Teagarden-Crusoe is surely a magnetic for shit.

As the cops begin their investigations, Roe decides to conduct her own. She can’t help herself. She’s that kinda gal. Luckily, for the cops, she does make that decision as it’s Aurora who eventually solves the mystery of the missing nanny, the dead woman, the shootings at a teen party and local hospital, and dogs. As the word ‘Dogs’ was just typed, Dean Koontz got an erection.

The Aurora Teagarden series is like a young person’s version of Murder She Wrote. with Aurora being slightly more violent than Jessica Fletcher. To be fair, if properly threatened, Rebel Voice reckons that Fletcher would go for the eyes followed by a swift kick in the nuts (she has an apparent viscous streak). Sleep Like A Baby is a well-crafted murder-mystery, although, to be honest, there are some weaknesses in the plot, especially the parts involving the featured dog (steady Koontz, careful with that stuff). It’ unfortunate when this happens as Rebel Voice is a fan of Charlaine Harris. However, no one is perfect and even the quirky Harris can slip up at times.

The characters in Sleep Like A Baby are fairly strong and mostly consistent. There is an over-indulgence in providing details related to new babies and the care. Rebel Voice wonders if Ms. Harris had some strong memories of her first child before penning this book. She does appear obsessed with the mechanics of child-rearing much to the annoyance of those who don’t really care.

All-in-all, Sleep Like A Baby is a harmless and moderately entertaining read. It won’t blow your mind, nor will it make you weep with disaffection. It’s a safe read so buy it and give it to your half-deaf Granny, along with a poster of Clark Gable. She’ll be delighted.

Sult scale rating: 6 out of 10. An OK read. Won’t offend you but won’t inspire you either. Might make you look funny at librarians.

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