Paper Ghosts – Julia Heaberlin

Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin Grace was twelve when her sister Rachel, seven years older, disappeared near their Texas home. No one ever found where she went, but Grace never gave up the search. The main suspect was a renowned photographer named Carl Feldman, who was arrested and charged with the abduction and murder of […]

Twisted Prey – John Sandford Thriller

Twisted Prey by John Sandford Lucas Davenport is back, this time in his new role as US Marshal. He gets a call from a serving US Congressman, Porter Smalls, who was the victim of an assassination attempt in which his friend and mistress, Cecily Whitehead, died. Smalls is convinced that the attack was the work […]

Cinnamon Kiss – Walter Mosley Thriller

Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley Easy Rawlins is in his forties in 1966 California, a place on the brink of the Summer of Love. But life ain’t no cakewalk for Easy. His young daughter, Feather, has a life-threatening illness and the only hope is expensive treatment at a Swiss clinic. Mr Rawlins is a caretaker […]

Broken River – Novel By J. Robert Lennon

Broken River by J Robert Lennon The house is unusual. It has a quaint but quirky layout. It sits on the edge of a National Park. It has a history of murder. It also has a presence, an observer of the human condition and a student of itself. The house lies outside of the town. […]

Sleep Like A Baby – Charlaine Harris Novel

Sleep Like A Baby   by Charlaine Harris Aurora Teagarden is a librarian in a small place called Lawrenceton, just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She is a small woman with a big personality and a penchant for finding trouble. In Sleep Like A Baby (2017), Aurora has just given birth to her first child, Sophie, and is […]

The Heartbreak Hotel

Book Review Heartbreak Hotel   by Jonathon Kellerman This novel is one in the popular Alex Delaware series. It is set in LA and is fairly standard fare from Kellerman who is a highly successful and accomplished author. Thalia Mars will be 100 years young on her next birthday. She contacts Delaware and, upon meeting, […]


Underground  by S.L. Grey A virus has hit China, killing many and spreading rapidly to the west coast of the US. A motley assortment of ‘Preppers’ have purchased units in a privately owned former nuclear bunker in remotest Maine, and are confident that they will survive the impending apocalypse, safe underground. They could be wrong. […]