Cannibalism And Consequences

It’s one of the most unpalatable topics imaginable, yet that doesn’t prevent it from happening. Throughout human history there have been many recorded instances of human cannibalism. Sometimes it’s individuals who partake of this devilish feasting, but often cannibalism was a cultural norm for many more primitive peoples.

Yet, even then, there were taboos. Human prion diseases were said to be evident in those who consumed the flesh of their close relatives, for example. The symptoms included psychological ailments. Although, to be honest, eating your granny is likely to mean that you are already mental and, if you’re not and are just hungry, then you are likely to become mental because of what you have just done. Perhaps some of the psychological symptoms of human prion disease are inseparable from the causes and emotional results of eating human flesh in the first place. The physiological symptoms, however, are catastrophic.

The following clip gives us a brief glance at the justifiably maligned practice of humans eating humans.

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