5 Forbidden Places – Would You Go?

The world is a big place that we will never get to fully explore. Air travel has made it easier to visit at least some of it, however, there are still those sites that even the most intrepid adventurer would have to think twice about, before visiting. The following vid gives us a look at […]

Cannibalism And Consequences

It’s one of the most unpalatable topics imaginable, yet that doesn’t prevent it from happening. Throughout human history there have been many recorded instances of human cannibalism. Sometimes it’s individuals who partake of this devilish feasting, but often cannibalism was a cultural norm for many more primitive peoples. Yet, even then, there were taboos. Human […]

The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 1

This is the first in a six part series exploring the ancient Celts of Europe. Although the story of the Celts is still being written, the information discovered so far is of great interest, especially to those of us who are said to be from traditionally Celtic regions. This series was produced by the BBC […]

Celts – 10 Fascinating Facts

This is a light look at the Celts of Europe. The story surrounding these ancient peoples is still being discovered. In Ireland, for example, it is now thought that the Celts made little impact in the DNA of the resident people there. Like English, the Celtic family of languages seemed to spread where the Celts […]

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove ┬áby Larry McMurtry The tag-line on the cover of this book reads, An epic journey that will change their lives forever… The story does indeed chart an epic journey. This is an epic book. Larry McMurtry’s novel won him a Pulitzer, and I can understand why. Lonesome Dove is a classic in the […]

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Given the pain and suffering that European settlers have caused across the globe, including those who settled the US, and those who are currently colonizing Palestine, Rebel Voice dedicates this smokin’ hot song to the descendants of all indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed.

Colombian Right-wing Wages War On Tribal People

I am cynical about the intentions of the Colombian government with respect to FARC, and establishing peace and equality. Capitalists are a snakes, who know only how to strike and poison. When they have finally disarmed the Left, then they may very well proceed to imprison or kill their leaders. The right-wing paramilitaries are under […]