Zapatista Art In Major Display In Cuba

The Zapatistas are an indigenous organisation from the Chiapas region of southern Mexico. They are socialist in ideology and provide much needed support and protection for the people of that area. Over the years, the Zapatistas have developed their own unique culture based upon their Mayan heritage. They were obliged to wear balaclavas, ski-masks and […]

Maha Arabic Lesson – How To State Your Marital Status

In this lesson, the wonderful Maha instructs us on the ways to state your marital status. We learn how to tell someone if we are married or single or divorced or even engaged. It’s interesting to hear how there is no word for either boyfriend or girlfriend due to cultural disapproval. There are words for […]

Maha Teaches How To Read And Write Arabic In 6 Lessons

Learning to read and write Arabic requires patience and determination. In this lesson, Maha introduces us to the language step by step. It should help to provide a basis for progress and should motivate the viewer into further study. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this, please share

Choctaw Cultural Revival – A Battle For Identity

The Choctaw have a special place in the hearts of Irish people. During the Great Famine of the 1800’s, when hunger was at its worst in the Emerald Isle, word of the people’s suffering reached the ears of the Choctaw people. Although these indigenous people were themselves suffering due to the vile policy of ethnic […]

Cannibalism And Consequences

It’s one of the most unpalatable topics imaginable, yet that doesn’t prevent it from happening. Throughout human history there have been many recorded instances of human cannibalism. Sometimes it’s individuals who partake of this devilish feasting, but often cannibalism was a cultural norm for many more primitive peoples. Yet, even then, there were taboos. Human […]

Gaza Using Art As A Means Of Resistance

This is a short and informative documentary about the struggle by Palestinians for a decent life under the brutal and immoral siege of Gaza currently being conducted by the rogue state of Israel. Art and culture are highly effective weapons when used properly to counter the processes of colonialism and imperialism. Nowhere can this battle […]

Who is a Jew? – A Brief Analysis Of The Tribe

In our world today, riven as it is by political conflict for a myriad of reasons, we are continually faced with endless questions regarding the identities of various population groups, national or otherwise. One such distinctive populace at the centre of world affairs due to the unfortunate situation in Palestine, are the Jewish people. Growing […]

Cultural Imperialism

In Ireland of today, it can be observed that a pattern has seamlessly emerged whereby the attention of the citizenry is increasingly focused upon foreign shores, but not in any manner conducive to the good health of our nation. It is still obvious that the Irish Establishment, and its minions throughout Capitalist business, look overseas […]